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Use the following selection boxes below to select the species, time period and averaging period.
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1. Select up to 6 species:

Carbon Monoxide (mg/m3)

Nitric Oxide (ug/m3)

Nitrogen Dioxide (ug/m3)

Oxides of Nitrogen (ug/m3 as NO2)

Ozone (ug/m3)

PM10 Particulate (by TEOM) (ug/m3)

PM2.5 (not reference equiv.) (by TEOM) (ug/m3)

Sulphur Dioxide (ug/m3)

Temperature (oC)

Wind Direction (oN)

Wind Speed (m/s)
Note: date shown is for the start of the day, ie, time 00:00.

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View Period » 1-jan-2020 to 27-mar-2020 (Fully Ratified)
Graph of Air Quality Data
Key: Nitrogen Dioxide (ug m-3)
4. Check information at the site to see if it is suitable: Go to Site
5. Select Data Download for approx 8256 records using:
CSV format (Approx 517K)
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