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Air quality is an enormous problem for London, primarily owing to road transport emissions. To tackle this issue, we can therefore use cleaner transport or use fewer vehicles.

Tightening of the standards for vehicle emissions means that modern vehicles should cause less pollution than older vehicles. However, air pollution has not fallen as expected, so it is still uncertain how effective these policies are. It is possible to utilise low emission technologies, including vehicles that run on hydrogen or electricity. Many of these are being trialled in London.

Using less-polluting transport is not just about being more environmentally responsible, it is often cheaper and faster too. One of the main ways is to try to use "smarter travel". This means cycling, walking or using public transport where it is more effective. London has many resources to help people use these methods of getting around.

These alternative modes of transport have the additional advantages of reducing our carbon emissions, making London a more pleasant place to be and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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