New Reporting Tools! (Beta)

As part of the redevelopment of the LAQN, we are working on new and improved reporting tools to help local authority users. Check out the following links to see the new tools in action. If you have any comments, ideas for improvements or new features you would like to see, please contact Robert Hepburn

Air Quality Graphs & Wind Plots

These flexible graphing tools are designed to allow graphical analysis of the LAQN database. You can either plot measurements from up to six species (pollutants or meteorological parameters) at one site, or compare measurements of one species at up to six different sites. You can select any period from one day to one year.

You can also choose either a time series line graph showing values over time, or a wind plot showing average pollutant values depending on wind direction.

Please be patient, requests for long time periods may take a long time to fetch, especially during busy periods.

Make your selection from the boxes below and press 'View':

Line Graphs


Wind Plots


Air Quality Objectives Visualisations - New

These are prototype visualisations of the annual objectives for monitoring sites, designed to be explored and to inspire comment:
  • The objectives over time graph shows the trend in the selected objective at the selected subset of sites since 1993 when the LAQN started.
  • The mean verses peak graph enables you to explore the relationship between the pollution around us across the year and the short peaks we sometimes get.

Air Quality Statistics

These flexible statistical tools are designed to allow statistical analysis of the LAQN database for up to four sites at a time. The 'Air Quality Objectives' tool assesses compliance with the Government's AQ Objectives over any twelve month period as defined by the start date. The 'Air Quality Indices' tool calculates the number of days recorded in each Air Quality Index band over any period.

The 'Sustainability Indicator' tool calculates the indicator value over any twelve month period. Please note that there are a number of requirements that a monitoring site must meet before a regional indicator can be compared to the National Sustainability Indicator. Visit the Sustainable Development web site for more information. Alternatively, you can define statistics of your own. The 'My own choice' tool is very flexible, allowing you to enter your own dates, averaging periods and even exceedence criteria. Give it a try and if there are any other calculations that you would find useful, please let us know and we may be able to add them. Make your selection from the buttons below and hit 'next':

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